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Bug TYRUS-397

Client try to connect directly to the server when a proxy (which is down) is configured

Pavel Bucek david.regnier Major Resolved Duplicate  
Bug TYRUS-394

Proxy bypassed on Linux but not on Windows

Pavel Bucek anbb Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature JERSEY-1175

When using apache-http-client connect timeouts are not honoured for proxy connects

Pavel Bucek stickycode Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JAX_WS-1178

ClientContainer NullPointerException under Java 8 and embedded JVM

Unassigned j.r.mihalick Critical Open Unresolved  

Glassfish 4.0 and jk Unable to populate SSL attributes

oleksiys buddypine Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature GLASSFISH-20380

[fishcat] Support System proxy in the UpdateTool

Joe Di Pol survivant Minor Open Unresolved