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need REST API for _load-default-log-attributes and _load-default-log-levels

Jason Lee Anissa Lam Major Resolved Fixed  

javax.json.* package not referenced from MANIFEST file in javaee.jar

Snjezana Sevo-Zenzerovic Ryan O'Connell Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement GLASSFISH-18869

deploy --type does not accept valid archive types

Hong Zhang Sanjeeb Sahoo Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement GLASSFISH-14059

list-components, list-applications and list-application-refs output could be more user friendly

Jeremy_Lv shreedhar_ganapathy Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature GLASSFISH-12032

DYREC-007: progress status design

martin.mares Tom Mueller Blocker Resolved Fixed 24/May/11