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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug JAXP-3

XPath expressions cannot match the default namespace

ndw syedfazal Blocker Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JAXP-58

XML processing instruction parsing error

jaxp-issues kats Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement JAXP-16

Performance issue in

Unassigned kohsuke Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug JAXP-71

when XMLInputFactory IS_VALIDATING is false, DTD is still loaded

Joe Wang Tom Mueller Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JAXP-80

Broken Localization Strings (

super_glassfish flo.javajira Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JAXP-76

StaX: data corruption when reading Unicode SMP characters in UTF-8 XML

Unassigned donvip Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JAXP-78

validation fails to complain on white-space around tokens

Unassigned m_perdikeas Major Closed Won't Fix  
Improvement JAXP-72

Merge patch for XALANJ-2493 into JAXP

Joe Wang bjornbak Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JAXP-79

NPE from marshalling an IDREF that point to a missing ID attribute value

Unassigned tuomas_kiviaho Minor Closed Invalid