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Bug JERSEY-2545

getParameter of @Context HttpServletRequest request always returns null

Jakub Podlesak amrittiwana Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-1907

Jersey Spring : Application instanciated twice in recent tomcat servers

Unassigned baudryvincent Blocker Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1879

JAXB Based JSON support not working

Unassigned donald212k Critical Resolved Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1665

maven-wadl-plugin build problem with maven-plugin-plugin 3.1

Unassigned puntogil Major Closed Invalid  
Task JERSEY-1642

ResponseListener#onError is never invoked

Michal Gajdos Michal Gajdos Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement JERSEY-1641

Upgrade to Simple 5.0.4 in Jersey 1.x

Pavel Bucek Arul Dhesiaseelan Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1622

jersey-client depends on jersey-core

Unassigned Yegor Bugayenko Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1618

archetype fails out of the box; always uses "com.example" as package

Pavel Bucek the_alchemist Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1605

Natural notation does not unmarshall attributes with bean properties

Jakub Podlesak brian.chapman Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-1451

jersey-core should not Export-Package* in OSGi manifest, conflicts with other jsr311 bundle

Jakub Podlesak ahmadfarsiado Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-1423

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when evaluating path with values without a trailing slash

Miroslav Fuksa eelco12 Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement JERSEY-1366

Jersey Test Framework shall start and stop container only once for all tests

Unassigned mkarg Minor Closed Duplicate  
Bug JERSEY-1337

Boolean Matrix Parameters are interpreted differently from the WADL specification

Pavel Bucek gdavison Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-1317

Tomcat 7 slow startup time with Jersey (1.13) deployed

Michal Gajdos gamliela Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1277

The web container Grizzly doesn't call anymore the ServletContextListener instances at shutdown

Jakub Podlesak mimo Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1232

EAR with two CDI web archives will not deploy

Michal Gajdos Ramon Rockx Blocker Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1186

Client LoggingFilter Causes my application to hang

Pavel Bucek tad.e.smith Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-1183

Generated WADL missing @FormDataParam parameters

Unassigned M├írcio Carmona Minor Closed Duplicate  
New Feature JERSEY-1175

When using apache-http-client connect timeouts are not honoured for proxy connects

Pavel Bucek stickycode Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-1150

Jersey-Multipart: BodyPart and its subclasses don't implement equals or hashCode

Michal Gajdos ttmrb Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1141

providing PDT value in If-Modified-Since header changes timezone for Last-Modified response header

Pavel Bucek jameskojo Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1125

Jersey-Servlet release 1.12 maven artifact references non-existing artifact weld-osgi-bundle 1.1.4.Final

Pavel Bucek converginglight Critical Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1115

CDIExtension Not found

Jakub Podlesak jsl123 Critical Closed Works as designed  
Improvement JERSEY-1063

In Jersey SVN brower, provide a hyperlinking ability to specific line of source code

Pavel Bucek gmazza Minor Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1059

Nullpointer in CDIExtension class which any other servlet in container has an Annotation on Field

Jakub Podlesak khurrum_a Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-1056

Digest in client

Unassigned haris2you Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1046

Jersey passing queryparam to path param method

Jakub Podlesak jesmith17 Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-1016

CLONE -ContainerRequest is not an HttpServletRequest

Pavel Bucek eldalai Critical Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1015

ContainerRequest is not an HttpServletRequest

Pavel Bucek eldalai Critical Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-1011

Receiver 405 status response when a GET and POST both reside at same URL

Unassigned jesmith17 Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-990

Simple Class derived from HelloWorld example throws java.lang.NoSucheMethodErr

Pavel Bucek wolfgang_fahl Minor Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-989

@JSONProperty annotation being ignored

Jakub Podlesak gmazza Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-967

Jersey Expires Header not working

Pavel Bucek francesco23u Minor Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-956

When specify @Context HttpHeaders in a constructer parameter of MessageBodyWriter and refer to the parameter, java.lang.IllegalStateException occurs

Jakub Podlesak hosamu Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-929

MediaType is not used for ContextResolver picking

Jakub Podlesak jan.supol Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-927

Package name resource config does not work in OSGi environment

Jakub Podlesak saikirandaripelli Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug JERSEY-896

Response is missing Date header

Jakub Podlesak cowwoc Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-891

jersey-grizzly2: HTTP custom response phrase is ignored

Pavel Bucek frozen_spider Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-879

com.sun.jersey.api.container.ContainerException: [failed to localize]

Jakub Podlesak yangjungis Minor Closed Incomplete  
Bug JERSEY-878

Entity provider would be determined that Entity provider class by order of registration.

Jakub Podlesak hosamu Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-837

@PUT Application_XML and passing a JAXB object without XMLROOTELEMENT and just XMLTYPE

Pavel Bucek Thomas_Ricaud Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-800

File descriptor leak under high concurrency

Jakub Podlesak eufeller Critical Closed Cannot Reproduce  
New Feature JERSEY-798

Ability to differentiate between different sub-resources using @Consumes

Jakub Podlesak cowwoc Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-790

Unable to send user defined error message in the status line of the http response using java restful web services deployed in Websphere Application Server 8.0

Michal Gajdos rkonkimalla Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-786

Request.selectVariant chooses wrong variant when Accept header or included MediaType has wild card

Jakub Podlesak bassmanitram Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-766

getParameter of @Context HttpServletRequest request always returns null

Jakub Podlesak inturico Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-749

LoggingFilter does not log JSON entities

Jakub Podlesak Francisco A. Lozano Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-747

Jersey client unable to unmarshal a custom type using SortedSet

Pavel Bucek abhi0123 Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-740

LinkProcessor.getLinkHeaderValues triggering IndexOutOfBoundsException

Jakub Podlesak ptomli Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug JERSEY-738

Jersey does not conform to JAX-RS Specification - scanning for resources

Jakub Podlesak MarcinS Blocker Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-735

Client Respond not handling multivalued headers correctly

Pavel Bucek mkwhitacre Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-734

when providing a custom OAuthProvider, the DefaultOAuthProvider still gets preference

Martin Matula Joeri Sykora Major Closed Works as designed  
Task JERSEY-732

Projects using Jersey

Pavel Bucek mkarg Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-730

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid use of SingleClientConnManager: connection still allocated -- ClientResponse never requested.

Pavel Bucek Artem Shnayder Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-727

NullPointerException during WADL generation

Pavel Bucek jotel71 Minor Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-725

Run out of sockets on AIX

Pavel Bucek sirajg Major Closed Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-687

GrizzlyWebTestContainer accepts all requests unless servletPath() is specified

Michal Gajdos cowwoc Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Improvement JERSEY-685

Clarify WebResource.type() vs WebResource.accept()

Marek Potociar cowwoc Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-677

OSGi Manifest imports incomplete in jersey-spring

Jakub Podlesak dd-xx1 Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement JERSEY-676

improve providers registration configuration

Jakub Podlesak Pavel Bucek Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-674

Extended WADL error after upgrading to 1.5

Pavel Bucek danielrolson Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JERSEY-649

@Path("{id}") not matched for paths containing %2F

Jakub Podlesak mkarg Blocker Closed Fixed  
New Feature JERSEY-638

Extend WADL to support JSON response representation

Jakub Podlesak Martin Matula Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-636

POSTing a JSON string to a resource does not strip the quoting

Jakub Podlesak sugis Major Closed Works as designed  
Bug JERSEY-633

Cannot PUT to a WebResource after GETting it

Pavel Bucek joven Blocker Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-630

Jersey 1.5 on Google App Engine throws NullPointerException

Pavel Bucek peterknego Major Closed Won't Fix  
Improvement JERSEY-629

Discuss automatic mapper/provider loading in the jersey-guice documentation

Marek Potociar cowwoc Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-622

InMemoryTestContainer does not use ClientConfig provided by AppDescriptor

Marek Potociar ngriso Major Closed Won't Fix  
Improvement JERSEY-618

Add a method getResourceConfigProperties in JerseyTest (Jersey Test Framework)

Marek Potociar walec51 Minor Closed Won't Fix  
Improvement JERSEY-617

Jersey client returns a missleading error when server is offline

Pavel Bucek jni Minor Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JERSEY-609

Resource classes unable to be found and registered using package scanning under Websphere 7

Michal Gajdos padolan Minor Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Improvement JERSEY-605

Extract some interfaces and create new extensions points for Jersey

Pavel Bucek guilhermesilveira Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-604

NPE with void methods

Unassigned jameskpublic Minor Closed Cannot Reproduce