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Bug JERSEY-1526

Response#bufferEntity closes stream & readEntity throws exception : Entity input stream has already been closed.

Pavel Bucek jan.supol Blocker Closed Fixed  
New Feature JERSEY-1476

Support @ConstrainTo annotation from JAX-RS

Unassigned Martin Matula Blocker Resolved Duplicate  
Task JERSEY-1467

Switch to latest JAX-RS 2.0 PR API version (2.0-m12).

Marek Potociar Marek Potociar Major Resolved Fixed  
Task JERSEY-1465

SSE Twitter Message Aggregator Example

Marek Potociar Marek Potociar Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1460

Application.getClasses() can return invalid classes but implementation have to handle that gracefully.

Pavel Bucek Pavel Bucek Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement JERSEY-1452

provide build identifier (server) and user agent (client)

Pavel Bucek Jakub Podlesak Major Resolved Fixed  
Task JERSEY-1446

refactor WADL implementation, migrate tests from Jersey 1.x

Pavel Bucek Pavel Bucek Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1443

WebTarget#resolveTemplateFromEncoded does not encode % followed by %

Martin Matula jan.supol Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1437

WADL generation does not work in GlassFish

Pavel Bucek Martin Matula Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1435

Trailing slash not optional in Jetty7.3.0.v20110203/Jetty8.0.0.M3 even FEATURE_REDIRECT does not solve

Pavel Bucek samarjitsamanta Major Resolved Won't Fix  
New Feature JERSEY-1427

Implement support for automatic User-Agent header inclusion in Jersey client.

Pavel Bucek Marek Potociar Blocker Resolved Duplicate  
Bug JERSEY-1418

WebTarget#pathParams does not throw NPE when any of the names is null.

Pavel Bucek jan.supol Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1417

WebTarget#pathParams( empty map ) does not return the same target instance in case the input parameter map is empty.

Pavel Bucek jan.supol Minor Resolved Invalid  
Bug JERSEY-1415

WebTarget#matrixParam(name, null) removes too much

Miroslav Fuksa jan.supol Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1406

ClientResponseContext#getAllowedMethods returns method in lower case

Miroslav Fuksa jan.supol Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1402

Relative URI are not working for WebTarget injection

Pavel Bucek arungupta Minor Resolved Works as designed  
New Feature JERSEY-1380

Add Support for @ManagedAsync.

Unassigned Marek Potociar Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1379

IllegalStateException is not thrown in case the method is invoked from a (post-matching) resource filter on ContainerRequestContext

Miroslav Fuksa jan.supol Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1375

ContainerResponseContext#getEntityType throws exception

Miroslav Fuksa jan.supol Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1372

NPE from org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer.destroy in embedded jax-rs test

Marek Potociar marina vatkina Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1369

UriBuilder doesn't deal with Matrix parameter properly when there is a path sub element

Miroslav Fuksa gdavison Major Resolved Fixed  
Task JERSEY-1365

Evaluate async client issues observed when running in following client -> server configurations (100 concurrent requests): - {{HttpURLConnection}} transport -> Grizzly server - Grizzly async client -> Grizzly server

Marek Potociar Marek Potociar Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1323

UriBuilder#uri(String) works differently from #uri(URI)

Miroslav Fuksa jan.supol Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1269

Async examples and tests are failing intermittently.

Marek Potociar Marek Potociar Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task JERSEY-1076

JERSEY-1075 MessageBodyWriter with @Produces("*/*") is not considered a candidate when resource method @Produces("application/xml")

Unassigned jan.supol Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-1004

Support resource interfaces by including implemented interfaces in ScanningResourceConfig's search for @Path annotations

Marek Potociar Andreas Klein Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JERSEY-999

Jersey package scanning does not work whenjersey server endpoint deployed in a app launched via JNLP / java webstart

Marek Potociar najmi Minor Resolved Incomplete  
Improvement JERSEY-683

samples/jersey-ejb - Add a resource class that produces a textual response to an HTTP GET

Marek Potociar jbenoit Minor Resolved Won't Fix