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Bug JSONP-24

Sequence of adding a JsonArrayBuilder into a JsonObjectBuilder interferes in the final result

Unassigned Hildeberto Mendonça Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug JSONP-32

Doubt about writeEscapedString()

kchung j4nbur53 Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JSONP-29

JsonPaser#getString() returns wrong value

kchung jspiegel Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JSONP-27

Using OSGi cannot load the service

kchung bakos.gabor Major Open Unresolved  

JSON not getting deserialized in a WebSocket endpoint

Unassigned arungupta Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature JSONP-39

Provide APIs to create JsonValue out of primitives

kchung jaikiran.pai Major Open Unresolved