Last updated June 13, 2012 09:44, by Martijn Verburg

This Etiquette guide is co-opted from Rich Hickey's post to the Clojure mailing list some time ago.

The Adopt a JSR programme (and its mailing lists and IRC channel) are run by, and for, people who make things or contribute their time in other positive ways to the Adopt a JSR programme.

Most messages should have one of these themes:

They are not the place for opinion pieces and diatribes.

They are not the place for massive legal and political debates. If there is a particular legal/political concern about a particular JSR then some limited discussion is fine, but it should not dominate the list/channel.

Occasionally, there may be disagreements about how a JSR has been, or will be, made. These disagreements should take the form of technical arguments. To make a technical argument that gets (and gives!) respect:

If you are not working on that JSR, you should restrict your input to very short technical arguments supporting your position. If someone has already made your point, just +1 it.

Please keep your posts short.

Ignoring these guidelines fails to respect the time and effort of people who are trying to make a positive difference, which you should care about if you intend to be one.