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Any time you need help please mail the members list or if that fails the JUG leaders list.

  1. Mandatory - Make sure that your JUG (as an organisation) joins the JCP and that they sign the JSPA.
    1. Optional - Sign the JSPA/join the JCP as an Individual - This step is optional for general participation, but it *is* a required step for Individuals if any of your contributions might contain Intellectual Property (IP) (e.g. The API design for a couple of methods that you wrote for your company).
    2. Optional - If the JSR you are intending to contribute to involves the OpenJDK (i.e. Java the language and/or the JVM), then you need to follow these steps.
    3. Optional - If you are a member of a JUG, then associate yourself with that JUG.
  2. Explore the JCP website to get a feel for the process of how JSRs work and what JSRs are currently out there.
  3. Have a read of The new JCP 2.8 Process for JSRs.
  4. Sign-up to the Executive Committee (EC) alias here
  5. Join a local group that is working on a JSR.
    1. If one doesn't exist then create one!
  6. Read through the presentations
  7. Then head to Leading An Adopt A JSR Effort

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