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The Grids below indicate which JUGs, individuals and organisations are working (or have worked on) JSRs.

NOTE: Multiple JUGs, individuals and organisations can and should collaborate on a particular JSR! there's always plenty of work to do and it can be easily distributed.

Overall List

30 separate JUGs have already joined!

Belgium JUG, Campinas JUG, Chicago JUG, CEJUG, Chennai JUG, Cologne JUG, Congo JUG, EGJUG, Faso JUG, Guadalajara JUG, GUJavaSC, Houston JUG, Hyderabad JUG, Indonesia JUG, Istanbul JUG, Japan JUG, Java Hellenic User Group, Joglo Semar JUG, Jozi JUG, LJC, Madrid JUG, MBale JUG, Morocco JUG, Peru JUG, PT.JUG, SouJava JUG, Silicon Valley JUG, Toronto JUG, Ukraine JUG, CLOJUG


A Note for Spec Leads / EG members

It's very important that any Adopt a JSR efforts are co-ordinated with with the Spec Leads / EG!

The best way to call for volunteers is to mail the [ members list]. After that, each JUG, individual or organisation in the 'Who Is Adopting JSRs' matrix should ideally join the existing mailing lists etc that the JSR already has in place to co-ordinate work. We've made some suggestions (see What to work on for a JSR) as to what work an Adopt a JSR group can work on, but would love to hear more ideas!

JSRs in progress

These JSRs are currently going through the Java Community Process (JCP) in order to become a ratified standard. It's a great time to get involved in these early to help shape the future!

<= #340

(Safety Critical)
(Type Annotations)
(Date and Time)
(Content Repository 2.1)
(Lambda Expressions)
(JAX-RS 2.0)
Guadalajara JUGJSR 310
JoziJUGJSR 310JSR 335
Hyderabad JUG
LJC308 Page310 Page335 Page339 Page
SouJava310 Link TBA 335 Link TBA 339 Link TBA
MoroccoJUG339 Page
PeruJUG339 Link TBA
Java Hellenic User Group - JHUG339 Link TBA

#340 --> #349

(Data Grids)
LJC347 Page

#350 --> #359

(Session State management)
(Identity Management)
(SIP Servlet 2.0)
Chennai354 Page
LJC350 Page351 Page354 Page358 Page359 Page
SouJava358 Link TBA
CEJUG354 Page
CLOJUG354 Page

>= #360

JSR 362
(Portlet 3.0)
JSR 363
(Units of Measurement)
JSR 364
(Broadening JCP Membership)
JSR 365
(CDI 2.0)
JSR 366
(Java EE 8)
JSR 367
JSR 368
(JMS 2.1)
JSR 369
(Servlet 4.0)
JSR 370
(JAX-RS 2.1)
JSR 371
(MVC 1.0)
JSR 372
(JSF 2.3)
LJC JSR 363 JSR 364 JSR 365 JSR 366 JSR 367 JSR 368 JSR 370 JSR 371
EGJUG JSR 363 JSR 364 JSR 366 JSR 367 JSR 368 JSR 371 JSR 372
MoroccoJUG JSR 363 JSR 364 JSR 365 JSR 367 JSR 369 JSR 370 JSR 371
GUJavaSC JSR 365 JSR 369 JSR 370 JSR 371
Japan Java User Group - JJUG JSR 371
Java Hellenic User Group - JHUG JSR 366 JSR 371
JUG Chennai
JUG Hyderabad
Chicago JUG
Guadalajara JUG JSR 367 JSR 370
Ukraine JUG JSR 367

Live JSRs

These JSRs are now ratified standards - but there's plenty you can still help with such as educational efforts, working on implementations, helping with the next revision etc. See Live JSRs

Closed JSRs

See Closed JSRs

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