Use of eclipse ecore/UML

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by: javydreamercsw
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Posted: March 31, 2011 06:52 by thfaure3
Hello all
This is a very nice and welcome work to provide an up to date uml editor for netbeans.
But why rewrite all from scratch and not use other code provided from other project?
Why not use some of (meta) modelling tools developped in relation to eclipse : ecore/emf/uml (
The aspect of serialisation,model generation,transformation are alreadey provided by eclipse modelling project :

and provide only the UI aspect from netbeans

The linking between eclipse osgi based api and netbeans might be done via netbinox :
my two cents ...

Posted: March 31, 2011 12:35 by javydreamercsw
Doing research I found out about this as well. Is being considered. See issue
I do agree there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Posted: March 31, 2011 15:32 by hantsy
I used argoUML some time in my work.
The early argouml used some work of NetBeans.
The latest version it is migrated to the Eclipse Modeling Framework...but it is also a Swing UI based UML tools.
Why not reuse the work of argouml, and provides a argouml netbeans ingretation ...or the better is encourage the argouml migrate to the NetBeans platform(UML still base on EMF), thus NetBeans and argoUML are a good marriage...
Posted: April 01, 2011 05:08 by javydreamercsw
Hmmm. Interesting idea...
Replies: 3 - Last Post: April 01, 2011 05:08
by: javydreamercsw