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JSR 354 - Currency and Money

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This JSR focuses on defining interfaces and classes to be used for currencies and monetary amounts. Generally the following areas are focused:

All this areas were implemented in the org.javamoney OSS GItHub project, the common essence finally defined what we have now as JSR 354.

Beside the latest specification you may also find useful information and examples on the JSR 354 blog

It is planned the the JSR will support both SE environments, but also ME usage scenarios should be considered as far as possible. The reference implementation probably also will include support for EE/CDI based on a flexible and adaptable SPI/bootstrap design. You can download the latest version from maven central, once the JSR is final. The releases will be as follows:

org.javamoney:moneta:1.0 (RI for Java 8) org.javamoney:moneta-bp:1.0 (RI for Java 7) (API for Java 8) (API for Java 7)

org.javamoney:javamoney-tck:1.0 (TCK for Java 7 and Java 8)

For any other releases, including snapshot builds use our Bintray/JFrog repositories:

Scope and Use Cases

Generally the scope of the JSR is targeting all general application types, e.g.

Summarizing the scope can be defined as follows:

Nevertheless there are some restrictions (features that are not in scope):

Further Information and Source Code Access