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JBuilder-OpenTools Wiki

2011-11-19: this project is now in the javatools archive section.

This projet was a federative project for opensourced JBuilder OpenTool projects for versions of JBuilder between 4.0 and 2006.
JBuilder 2007 and after are based on Eclipse with which these OpenTools are not compatible.

OpenTools within this project

Name Description Sources Documentation Author
Command Line Allows to type a command line from inside JBuilder and see its console output in a similar way to JBuilder Java console Subversionwikilhochet
Community Provides menu anchors and delayed load up for community opentools Subversionwiki, configlhochet
Find Files Like "Find Classes", except that it works on all files. Subversionhelpwolfdancer
J2ME Wireless Toolkit Opentool Set of opentools that attempts to integrate Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit within JBuilder. Subversionlhochet
JBuilder Jabber Client Opentool Adds a Jabber client within JBuilder. Subversionwikilhochet
JDK1_5 Compiler extension|JDK1.5 Compiler extension Adds a new compiler option for compiling projects using JDK 1.5 (aka JDK 5) language extensions to JBuilder 9 and X. Subversionconfiglhochet
Line Mover Line related editor actions Subversionwikiwolfdancer
NewToolbar Add New Class and New Interface buttons to the file toolbar. Subversionlhochet
OpenTools Manager Check, download new or updated opentools for JBuilder Subversion see Subversionlhochet
Package Version Incrementer Increment packages versions in manifest files of archives nodes Subversionconfiglhochet
Project Loaders Loads project files of other IDEs as JBuilder project Subversionwolfdancer
Test Files Marker Colors in BLUE in the project view the files in the test directories. Subversionwolfdancer
XmlFormatter Adds a format XML option to the context menu of the editor for an XML based document for versions of JBuilder below JBuilder 2005. Subversionconfig config_frlhochet
BuildListener Log the build info provided by the BuildListener class Subversionlhochet
JBLogging Adds a panel that shows opentools java.util logs Subversionlhochet
OutErrToLog Convert System.out, System.err messages to java.util log messages (not an opentool, but used with JBLogging Subversionlhochet

JBuilder documentation

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