Last updated August 23, 2011 21:23, by Patrick Curran

Welcome to the JSR 348 ( project

This is the public project for JSR 348: Towards a new version of the Java Community Process, the first of three JSRs to modify the JCP's processes.

This JSR will focus on relatively simple changes that can be implemented quickly (we hope to finish before October 2011.) The second JSR - which will be filed soon - will focus on merging the two Executive Committees into one, while the third JSR will tackle more complex issues, including any necessary changes to the JSPA.

Since one of the main themes of JSR 348 is transparency, and since it will require that future JSRs be run in a transparent manner, the Expert Group has committed to running this JSR according to those requirements.

We will therefore discuss our business in public, publish all of our working materials and meeting minutes, and track issues in the open: