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Java User Groups AFRICA

Our mission : To promote collaboration and communication between affiliated JUGs across the African continent.


Cooperation plan and agenda


Affiliated JUGs

To affiliate your JUG :

Country JUG JUG-AFRICA Contact skype Twitter
Nigeria AbujaJug Bulama Yusuf
Congo (Kinshasa) RDC-JUG Popol Kayembe
Togo TogoJug Bertin Abiassi
Egypt MUFIX Hamada Zahera
Congo (Brazzaville) CongoJUG Max Bonbhelbonbhel
Cameroun CamerJug Georges Youmbi
Tunisia TnJUG Fadj Zayen
Egypt EGJUG Ahmed Ali!/
Malia MaliJUG Issa Camara & Abdoulaye Douroure
Senegal(West Africa) The West African Java User's Group Lamine Ba and & Michael Levin
Angola Guj-Ang Josemar Magalhàes
South Africa JUGSA Len Weincier
Congo (Kinshasa) Kin-JUG Honoré Nzambu
Morocco MoroccoJUG Badr El Houari & Faissal Boutaountebadr.elhouari!/badrelhouari
South Africa Jozi Jug Mark Clarke & Michael Williams
Burkina Faso FASOJUG Constantin Drabo & Paul Kaboré
Nigeria Nigeria JUG Akintayo A. Olusegun
Algeria AlgeriaJUG Ferhat Guezlane
Tunisia Tunisian JUG Mohamed jalel Hazbri mjhazbri
Uganda Mbale JUG Nsubuga Hassan -----
Ivory Coast Abidjan JUG Roger Kouassi-----

Java Community Process (JCP)

JUG-AFRICA is a member of the Java Community Process (JCP). Any member of affiliated JUGs is also part of the JCP through their association with JUG-AFRICA.

Membership in the JCP offers you a chance to become a permanent part of the Java platform's history by contributing your work and recommendations to the various standard specifications. JCP Program Membership entitles you to submit your own JSRs to the JCP, serve on JSR Expert Groups, vote in Executive Committee elections, and attend JCP Member online and in-person events. JCP Members are active contributors to the evolution of Java technology.


Role in JUG-AFRICA Complete name Mail
President Max Bonbhel or max @ bonbhel . com