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JUG Chennai Wiki

Welcome to JUGChennai

Java User Group – Chennai An effort to bring all Java enthusiast in and around Chennai. We strive to create a platform for all levels of expertise and bring out their skills in Java related technology to promote, collaborate, share and learn from each other. This is a volunteer,community-driven group strive to help and discuss about the java ecosystem, the back bone of this community are the members and its sponsors.

Our members meet monthly (mostly 2nd Saturday) at the sponsor’s meet up venue and discuss, share, debate on various Java related technology. This being a part of International JUG community, we receive periodic opportunity of inviting experts in various field to speak in our JUG events.

Who can join? Any Individual… who are enthusiast in Java related technology, who are interested and ready to share their experience and knowledge with the community.

Our Activities: Monthly Meetup- We meet every month at our sponsors venue and discuss, speak, share Java technology. It is held usually on 2nd Saturday. Mailing lilst – It is a virtual group were they post announcement, ask questions etc, Session with Expert – We arrange periodic meeting with experts from various locations who share their experience and provide way to go ahead in their expertise field. Workshops – Hands on sessions, Coding Dojo we are going to do in future.

You can add our Google Calendar for up-to-date events.

How to start? First step in joining the group is to have passion on the Java ecosystem. We don’t see any expertise level,skill-set etc. Just need your participation,collaboration and willingness to share your experience and knowledge with the community.

If you are OK then Join our Mailing list.

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NOTE: This is a mirror project of soon this project will be main project for JUGChennai.