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NBTaskFocus - Task Focused Interface for NetBeans IDE

UPDATE (24 Mar 2014)

This project will be continued from the new site, all the issues from this site will be ported to that new place.

What is Task Focused Interface

Task Focused Interface is a way of working in IDE which makes the IDE aware of Tasks. Task is a concept of something developer is working on to achieve a target issue fix or enhancement addtion to the software. All the files which are required for a certain task are added to Task context and maintained with the Task in a Task Focused Interface.

NBTaskFocus project

This project provides features of Task Focused Interface for NetBeans IDE. Refer this user manual for steps to use the features.

Important Links

  1. User Manual
  2. Release RoadMap

Main Features

  1. Task Explorer - A list of tasks which are created by developer
  2. Task Details - Active Task with the tracked context that is open files in the editor for that active task

I am aware of Cubeon project and we have difference of approach which can be read here