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The Business Activity Monitoring samples are listed below.

Sample Description
ADF-BAM_DemoShows how to embed ADF based BAM view in Webcenter
BAMScriptingProvides ANT task to deploy BAM artifacts
BAM Monitor ExpressOut of the box dashboards for BPEL for process monitoring; Same dashboards can be used for BPM .
BAM-BPEL SensorsUse Sensors to monitor variables, activities in BPEL using BAM dashboards
Call Center DemoCall Center demo - shows how to create a data control using BAM to create a real-time ADF based application
BAM-ODIShows KM integration with ODI . Applies to ODI and
Order Booking DemoShows how to use BAM with an order booking process
OSB 10g with BAMPublish information from OSB10gR3 to BAM 11g . Written by by Aritza Iratzagorria at Osakidetza and Nacho Lafuente
OSB-BAM Reporting ProviderOSB Integration with BAM 11g. Use the OSB custom Reporting provider to send data to BAM via Enterprise Message Source (EMS)
OSB-BAM TutorialOracle Service Bus (OSB) sample with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) via JCA BAM adapter
Running Pre-Installed DemosA PDF document that details the process for running the pre-installed BAM demos.
Simple Active ReportCreating a simple BAM dashboard with real time updates

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