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Human Workflow

The Human Workflow component is used whenever you need to involve human beings, usually to allow them to make decisions that affect the rest of the processing.

Sample Description
workflow-001-DemoCommunitySeedAppSOATestDemoApp is a utility application, which seeds/removes the demo user community for testing. It can seed either the default demo community or a custom community.
workflow-002-ConfigurationThis tool provides the ability to configure notification settings using a user friendly properties file
workflow-100-VacationRequestSample workflow for vacation request processing
workflow-102-SalesQuoteSample workflow for sales quote processing
workflow-104-ContractApprovalThis sample application demonstrates Usage of Digital signature for non-repudiation in human workflow.
workflow-105-DocumentWorkflowThis sample illustrates a document review scenario where a document is reviewed by several reviewers and if majority of them approves, then it is considered approved.
workflow-106-IterativeDesignThis shows Iterative Design workflow scenario where a worklfow task may be passed multiple times between assignees.
workflow-108-ContentChangeApprovalThis sample illustrates the use of application roles in SOA Human Workflow. Application roles can be used to set task owner and task assignees.
workflow-109-OfficeIntegrationThis sample shows integration with MS Office
workflow-110-WorkflowCustomizationsThis sample describes a number of ways that various workflow components can be customized, focusing mainly on the customization of resource bundles.
workflow-111-TaskListPortletConsumerThis sample provides a consumer application for embedding Worklist tasklist Portlet that is exposed as a WSRP portlet.
workflow-112-FutureHiringApprovalThis sample illustrates a scenario where you can edit the approval list of the task before the task is initiated. The task used here is Hiring Approval.
workflow-113-TaskListTaskFlowThis sample illustrates how the Worklist tasklist taskflow can be consumed in an ADF application.
workflow-114-MLSSampleThe objective of this sample is to demonstrate the use of multilingual strings for the task Title, Category and Sub-category.
workflow-116-WorkflowEventCallbackThis sample shows the ability to enable events within a Human Workflow task and, at run time, to have those events invoke a separate, independent SOA application.
workflow-117-UserConfigDataMigratorThe Human Workflow User Config Data Migrator is a command line utility, which can be used to migrate Human Workflow user configurable data from one SOA server to another.
workflow-118-JavaSamplesThis sample set is a collection of stand alone java programs that demonstrate how to use workflow service APIs via the client classes.
workflow-119-DotNetSampleThis sample demonstrates how a C# program can be used to interact with SOA Human Workflow services.
workflow-120-SQLIdentityProviderThis sample shows how to build and configure a SQLIdentityProvider.
workflow-206-PrioritizedRulesThis sample provides an example of how to use rule prioritization to achieve complex approval rules that would be verify difficult to specify otherwise

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