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The Mediator is used for message transformation and content-based routing within an Service Composite Application (SCA)

Sample Description
mediator-101-BasicRoutingThis sample demonstrates the simple message routing capabilities of the Mediator Service Component (aka Mediator).
mediator-102-DomainValueMappingThis sample shows how to use the Domain Value Maps (DVM) from mediator.
mediator-104-EventsThis sample demonstrates a sample usage of events with Mediator.
mediator-105-JavaCalloutThis is a very simple sample, which shows how mediator can invoke a simple java callout.
mediator-106-AsyncThis sample demonstrates asynchronous request response using Mediator.
mediator-109-CrossReferencingThis Sample demonstrates the basic and main functionality of XRef. It demonstrates the populateXRefRow and the lookupXRefRow functions.
mediator-110-CrossReferencing1MThe sample demonstrates cross-reference 1M functions in mediator transformations
mediator-113-SOAP_HeadersThis sample demonstrates soap header handling in mediator filter, assign and transformation.

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