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These sample focus on the various transformation capabilities of the Suite

Sample Description
mapper-101-BasicMappingThis sample demonstrates creation and basic editing of an XSLT map.
mapper-102-ImportAndTestThis sample demonstrates the XSL mapper features
mapper-104-AutoMappingThis sample demonstrates the auto-map feature of the XSL map editor.
mapper-105-MultipleSourcesThis sample demonstrates the use of multiple sources in a transformation
mapper-107-ExtensionFunctionsThis sample demonstrates the use of user-defined extension functions.
mapper-108-SubstitutionsThis sample demonstrates element and type substitution in an XSL map.
mapper-109-WhatsNewNew features in the XSL mapper.
  • Element and Type Substitution
  • Use of Multiple Sources
  • New XSL constructs xsl:sort and xsl:copy-of.
  • Demonstration of new variable usage.

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