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Last updated October 26, 2011 22:40, by Tonya Moore
=''' Leads Meeting Saturday, October 01, 2011'''= Attendees: Tonya Moore, Kevin Farnham, Heather VanCura, Harold Ogle, Frank Nikola, Jim Wright, Roger Brinkley, Stacy (?), Fabiane Nardon, Nichole Scott, Chris Carter, Martin Klahn, Sven Reimer, Bob Larsen, Toni Epple, John Yeary, Justin Kestelyn, Sonya Barry ====Topics for discussion==== After data center move, stats and mailing list mgmt priority What do we want as far as activity stats for projects? Mailing list management – (''Chris'') SYMPA running beyond capacity want to replace SYMPA with…something. New community pages (''Frank'') get rid of content buckets other possibilities Community leader role/responsibilities? Kenai API (''John'') – what kind of functionality is still offered to project owners? Project descriptions (''Toni'') – many were lost in the move, can they be brought back? :-CollabNet stored in 3-4 diff ways, with no time to script. Reasonable to ask project owners to do it themselves. Surprised by how many projects were abandoned. We are working to come up with people to take over these projects. A few big ones have new owners, many don’t, and we don’t know enough about content to do it ourselves. Might be reasonable to give permissions to anyone willing to update. Kenai--> (''Sven'') - (need Chris for this discussion) save projects on both platforms use divergent code bases. User database completely different. New hardware as of 2-12. Still in Santa Clara lab at old Sun office, must have new, grownup hardware. They’re in code freeze until that’s complete. Hudson? - probably can’t get on schedule for 1.5-2 years in terms of engineering. ====Schedule of topics==== 945 – Mailing List Management 1045 - break 1100 – Stats 1200 - lunch 100p – Kenai API * move *Project descriptions 200 - break 215 – community roles/responsibilities 315 – community pages ---- '''945a''' – mailing list management (''Chris'') – Kenai stacks are moving to a new data center - this is highest priority. Required to upgrade to Oracle standard hardware. This process is taken longer than expected. Target date is 5/12. MLM replacement near top of priority list after this along with infrastructure issues. Right now looking Sep/12 for replacing list management and everything. Requirements? (open discussion and prioritization of list) (1) autoreply is insane, Sonya has to unsubscribe, beehive bug. (2) Delayed delivery of mails/general performance (4) Moderation is a pain (3)(5) Public projects with private mailing lists – currently can only do that through a separate mailing list for a subproject. Would like checkbox for private mailing list. (5 Sonya)(3 John)“Allowed poster” people sign up with one email and posts from another. CollabNet had a field that could add allowed poster to a list. (''Harold'') – observer alias, expert alias. Public/observer/expert/both [[image: jcp.jpg]] Search function ---- '''1045a''' – Stats and Activity metrics Push – mailing lists (commits, bugs?), forum posts, wiki updates Pull – page hits, downloads omniture, logs? Last activity on dashboard ( as a reference. Then is web-based homepage. If you haven’t created a website, that URL will default to dashboard. (''Roger'') page hits can be set up an automated or manual request. Kenai downloads suck. Theoretically possible to catch the logs. (''Fabiane'') Other project life indicators – commits, bug activity Other than authentication, no communication between kenai and drupal. (''Sonya'') want to make dashboard uneditable by owner, filled with activity metrics. Can edit web-based homepage (''John'') stats detail tab (''Harold/John'') x member joined this JUG – bumped to top of page (''Sven'') member activity (''Sonya'') how many unique users log in in any given period (''Roger'') can get unique visits numbers ---- '''1135a''' – (''Chris'') move - mid-to-late next year. Should Sonya and Tonya become admins? Some kenai projects not Java projects. Ask projects if they want to move. Move if so, export data and good luck if not. Kenai API - (''John'') is the API up to date? As far as sending blanket emails or contact project owners, what is available to us? How do we get things based off the API available to us in an easier format? (''Chris'') need to know what requirements are needed, plus talk to legal. (''Sonya'') for now, we can get project owners, etc. via Drupal, also, Project descriptions – updated Chris Hudson? – prioritized way down the list ---- '''130p''' – community lead roles/responsibilities Approve projects Maintain front page Twitter – need to compile a Twitter list for homepage Resource for project owners Community promotion Newsletters What can we offer to compete with sourceforge, etc? *(''Fabiane'') not as stable, front page not as easy, not as much visibility, search capabilities sucks, seo better for sourceforge, certificate issues, *(''Sven'') need new killer feature *(''Sonya'') tag cloud *(''Jim'') code search Tell people that they need to start a webpage if they want to be found by a search engine. Switch dashboard/kenai around? ---- '''300p''' – (''Frank'') community pages (''Toni'') add link from community page (''Fabiane/Bob'') change redirect through kenai
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