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Last updated April 08, 2011 21:35, by Michael

AccessJiver Wiki

AccessJiver is a clone of AccessDiver that is open-source, platform-independent, and modularized. The main function of this program is to test your server for users with weak passwords. It does this by facilitating either a dictionary attack or a brute-force attack.

The project is built on the Netbeans Platform so it is recommended that you use Netbeans as your IDE. Also, Apache HTTPClient is to be used to implement the HTTP protocol.

Sadly, some 4 years ago, the AccessDiver website went offline taking all of the software's documentation with it. AccessDiver has not been updated since then, however, it is clear that the program is still in wide use. It is my goal to allow those user to switch to a supported platform.

AccessJiver is a working title. Suggestions for the release name are appreciated.

Proposed improvements over AccessDiver:

  • Jobs can be persisted to disk. This allows you to stop a job and start it back up anytime.
  • Planned support for protocols other than HTTP by utilizing SOCKS instead of standard proxies.
  • Supports user created plugins through Netbeans Module API(Video).
  • DictionaryGenerator support for Regular Expressions as well as AccessDiver script implementation.

Proposed Design


Module Necessity Phase Description
Job Critical Design Defines the task that is to be run by the program.
User Critical Design Defines a class that stores the state of a username for a particular URL.
AuthTest Critical Design Defines an interface that tests credentials against a server in the supported protocol.
AuthTestHttp Critical Design Attempts default Http authentication with credentials provided by Job
AuthTestForm Critical Design Attempts authentication with a server through an HTML form.


Module Necessity Phase Description
MyDictionary Critical Design Allows you to load and visualize wordlists from text files.
WordList Critical Design Defines UserList, PasswordList, and ComboList.
DictionaryManager Compatibility Design Stores lists of previously used wordlists and allows you to set them to the current wordlist.
DictionaryGenerator Compatibility Design Allows you to create wordlists using a custom scripting language and a corresponding ParserGenerator.
DictionaryLeecher Compatibility Design Parses web pages and extracts words to use as usernames and passwords.


Module Necessity Phase Description
ProxyModel Critical Alpha Contains the class that defines a proxy object.
MyProxyList critical Alpha Allows user to load, visualize, and manipulate a list of proxies.
ProxyAnalyzer Compatibility Design Tests proxies from a proxy list to see if they are working and if they are anonymous.
ProxyHunter Compatibility Design Enumerates a set of IP addresses and port scans them for a proxy service.
ProxyLeecher Compatibility Design Takes a list of web pages and parses proxy IPs from them.
MySOCKS Critical Design Allows for the management and use of SOCKS proxies to allow for penetration testing on protocols other than HTTP.
SOCKSAnalyzer Compatibility Design Tests the connection and anonymounity of SOCKS proxies.
SOCKS Critical Design Defines the SOCKS proxy model.


Module Neccesity Phase Description
ToolNetKit Compatibility Design Pings and resolves the DNS of a server.
ToolFileManipulator Compatibility Design Tool for splitting and merging files.
ToolHttpDebugger Compatibility Design Tool for viewing the underlying Http transaction when communicating with a server.
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