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Last updated February 15, 2013 19:07, by dnraikes

Accessible Rescue CD Wiki

Welcome to the Accessible Rescue CD Project!

This project is intended to gather together all requirements, source code, bugs etc involved in creating an accessible rescue cd.

What is a Rescue CD

A rescue cd in this context is a Live CD that a system's administrator can use to boot a computer which is no longer booting and either fix the problem that is causing the computer to no longer boot, and/or to recover files from the computer's hard disk(s).

Project Goals

While there are many LiveCD's available GRML, debian rescue cd, Gnoppix Adriane, all of these cd's require the user to do something in order to enable accessibility mode.

The Acres LiveCD's will have accessibility enabled by default so that as soon as the system boots, both speech and braille output will be available.

Starting Point

The LiveCD will be based on Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (13.04), and be a client-only cd (no X-Windows).

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