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ADF Task Flow Tester User Guide - Getting Started

Main Table of Contents

Installing the Task Flow Tester

The tester comes as a JDeveloper extension. You can install this extension by starting JDeveloper, then choose "Check for Updates..." from the Help menu. Make sure you check the checkbox for the "Open Source and Partners Extension" center. To quickly find the extension in the list, you can enter "tester" in the search box, as shown below.

After finishing the check for updates wizard you need to restart JDeveloper and you are ready to go!

If you need to install the extension when you are offline, you can also use the option to install from local file. You can download the correct install zip file from this page.

Running the Task Flow Tester in your Project

After you successfully installed the extension, you can start using the tester in your project. All you need to do is add the ADF EMG Task Flow Tester library to your project. Right-mouse-click on your project, choose "Project Properties..." then click "Libraries and ClassPath" and then click the "Add Library..." button. If the library does not show up in the list, the extension is not installed correctly, and you can try to reinstall it.

After you clicked OK to add the library, and clicked OK to dismiss the project properties dialog, the following dialog appears, indicating a run configuration named "Task Flow Tester" has been added to your project, which is also set as default run configuration

You can now run the tester, by clicking on the run icon in the toolbar and choosing the Task Flow Tester run configuration. Likewise, you can run the tester in debug mode by clicking on the debug icon


Using the Task Flow Tester

After you launched the tester using the run configuration, the following page should appear

As you can see there are no task flows shown yet. There are various ways to (pre-)load task flows into the tester, as is documented in more detail here]. For now, we will use the easiest way when you are using the tester for the first time in your project, and that is by clicking the iconic button to load available task flows.

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