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Adopt a JSR Program

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This program is intended to encourage JUG members, individuals and other organisations to get involved in Java Specification Requests (JSRs). This means more grass roots, developer level participation in existing and emerging Java standards. JSRs cover all aspects of the Java ecosystem such as the new Date and Time API coming into Java 8, the existing JavaEE 7 APIS and the upcoming JavaEE 8 APIs for the cloud and more!

Also see Benefits and Laser-like focus

Who's Adopting JSRs?

See Who Is Adopting JSRs.

You can also look at the Active JSRs, Status of active JSRs.

Getting Started

We've got all of the steps outlined for you!

Sign Up

You can participate in the program via:

  1. Joining this project!
  2. Sign up to the mailing lists - You need to be logged into - (Adopt a JSR Etiquette)
    1. - the global mailing list (in English)
    2. - for Portugese speakers (Adote uma JSR - Portugues)
  3. IRC: #adoptajsr channel on (Adopt a JSR Etiquette)
  4. Twitter: @adoptajsr (follow the #adoptajsr hash tag on twitter)
  5. (News)paper: (subscribe)
  6. Facebook: Like the Facebook Page
  7. Github: Join the Adopt a JSR Github Organisation
  8. Getting Started Kit' - ideal resource to refer to before attending hackday and hands-on events. Also a good one-stop point for materials for organisers of such events.

Initial Steps

See Initial Steps

Leading an Adopt a JSR effort

See Leading an Adopt a JSR effort

What do we work on for a JSR?

See What to work on for a JSR

Talks, Presentations and Resources

See Talks and Presentations

Projects and Code

See our GitHub Repo

Success Stories

We try to highlight where we've made a difference! See our Success Stories

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