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As of Java 7, OpenJDK is the Reference Implementation (RI) for Java. In essence, the OpenJDK is the Java we use every day! With legal and technical barriers become smaller every day, it is now more possible than ever to get involved in the language and VM that we all love.

Also, see Goals and Benefits

Who's Adopting OpenJDK?

Many individuals, JUGs and organisations, see Who Is Adopting OpenJDK

Getting Started

There are many levels, projects and smaller programmes within Adopt OpenJDK that you can join

Sign Up

You can participate in the program via:

  1. Google group: Adopt OpenJDK Google Group
  2. Mailing the Adopt OpenJDK group directly
  3. IRC: #adoptopenjdk channel on
  4. Twitter: @adoptopenjdk (follow the #adoptopenjdk hash tag on twitter)
  5. (News)paper: (subscribe)
  6. Google+ Community Google+ Community
  7. GitHub Projects AdoptOpenJDK Github
  8. BitBucket Projects AdoptOpenJDK Bitbucket

NOTE: For some contributions you need to sign a contributor agreements. See Legal Steps

See Adopt OpenJDK Etiquette for our community rules

What do we work on for OpenJDK?

We have several exciting projects on the go including:

There are Plenty of other projects, see What to work on for OpenJDK

Leading an Adopt OpenJDK effort

See Leading an Adopt OpenJDK effort

Talks and Presentations

See Talks and Presentations

Projects and Code

See our projects hosted on:

Email the Adopt OpenJDK group to sign-up to a project and/or an event.

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# '''(News)paper:''' (subscribe) # '''Google+ Community''' [ Google+ Community] # '''GitHub Projects''' [ AdoptOpenJDK Github] # '''BitBucket Projects''' [ AdoptOpenJDK Bitbucket]## '''NOTE:''' For some contributions you need to sign a contributor agreements. See [[Initial Steps|Legal Steps]] See [[Adopt OpenJDK Etiquette]] for our community rules
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