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Last updated June 21, 2012 19:10, by kenaiadmin

Adopt OpenJDK Goals

  1. Continue Warnings Squish
  2. Generification of Libraries
  3. Coinification of Libraries
  4. Repo Merges (e.g. Lambda, Jigsaw)
  5. Javadoc (Jon Gibbons, Ensemble)
  6. OSS Outreach - No more Lucene issues
    1. Push this back onto individual projects
  7. Sleeker VirtualBox image
    1. Vagrant
    2. Hosting
    3. Torrents?
  8. Going Global
    1. Involve other JUGs
    2. Other OpenJDK members
  9. Qualitas Corpus
    1. Fully rounded off and ready for general use
  10. JavaFX
  11. Look at available JVM flags (especially product flags)


  1. Focus solely on JDK8
  2. "DukeLove" programme
    1. Small bugs for new contributors to fix
    2. Supported by a tag called dukelove in Jira so that contributors can easily find tasks to work on.
  3. Need to consider how we'll "Level Up" participants.
    1. "Stone Soup" model of development
  4. "DocLove" programme
    1. We need more docs
    2. Especially Developer Guides
    3. Need to find out from Oracle which docs should be considered canonical moving forwards
    4. Start from existing dev guides in repo?
  5. Infrastructure
    1. What do we need?
    2. Who can provide it?

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