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Last updated October 22, 2012 15:30, by Martijn Verburg

This section is for organising an openly hosted build farm to produce OpenJDK binaries for consumption (by developers in particular for early testing). This project is in conjunction with the OpenJDK Build/Test GitHub.

Currently Available

  • Cloudbees OpenJDK 8 - A free Jenkins instance with OpenJDK 8 as the JDK option to run your projects on!


These requirements are likely to shift to the GitHub project.

Mac OS X Requirements

  1. Daily OSX packages for OpenJDK 7 and 8 - tl, jigsaw & lambda
  2. OSX support required for mlvm - This has been requested on mlvm-dev
  3. JDK7/JDK8s fastdebug builds for significiant releases (ie: b33 -> b34) - Henri Gomez is working on these
  4. Hardware needed to works on PPC ports, donation or slave hosts for Jenkins (ssh access required)

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