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Last updated November 12, 2012 21:25, by Martijn Verburg

This section takes you through how you can help apply Java 7 project Coin features in the OpenJDK and submit patches, improving the code quality in Java itself! Any questions, comments, feedback etc please send to the Adopt OpenJDK group (if you have no luck there, try posting to the JUG leaders list).


See Events

References to previous work

Project Sponsors

The Adopt OpenJDK reviewers will liaise with the following sponsors to get patches into the right groups.

  • Stuart Marks --> core-libs.
  • Artem Ananiev --> swing and awt (client)

Instructions for instructors

See Instructions for instructors

What fixes are accepted (The barrier for patches)

Order to apply project Coin fixes in

You should work on project Coni fixes in the following order (which is basically from safest to more difficult to prove safety).

  1. Diamond Operator
  2. Multi-catch
  3. Strings-in-switch
  4. Everything else (e.g. try-with-resources)

The barrier for the OpenJDK committers to accept a patch (even one as seemingly simple as a project coin clean-up) is exceptionally high. The instructors will be checking a wide variety of conditions before your patch can be accepted. Please survey the list below and try to ensure your patch meets the quality bar.

Main focus: simple, minimal, and risk-free project coin fixes. We've listed some gotchas below:

Diamond Operator

Strings in Switch

  • For strings-in-switch, a null value of the switch expression results in NPE, whereas (depending on the details, of course) a cascade of if-elses may end up handling null differently.


  • In some cases there is a catch of Exception that is better expressed as a multi-catch of several Exception subtypes. This might make for better code, but it subtly changes the behavior of the code.

Hardware Requirements

See Hardware Requirements

Attendee Instructions

See Attendee Instructions

Look for areas to coinify

  1. See your instructor(s) on the day to co-ordinate this activity or co-ordinate on the adoptopenjdk mailing list

Fix warnings

Remember not to overlap with other efforts that are going on. If you're part of a global hack day, your instructor(s) will be co-ordinating with other teams. Fix some warnings in the source code (these are mainly under $SOURCE_CODE/jdk8_tl/jdk/src/share/classes). Depending on whether you're using the new or old build system, you'll then want to execute a build.

New Build

 make images &> build.log
 tail -f build.log

Old Build

 tail -f build.log

Check the log

When the build is done you should see something in the build.log file like:

 Done Processing SUBDIRS: tools java javax sun com    org sunw jpda mkdemo mksample launchers
 linux i586 1.8.0-internal build finished: 12-04-21 19:08

NOTE: The build will be much faster the 2nd time around, it only compiles in and around the area that you have changed.

Run jtreg tests

See Run jtreg tests

Repeat the Process

See Repeat the process

Create Patches

See Create Patches

Submit Patches

See Submit Patches

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