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Last updated January 08, 2013 22:26, by neomatrix369
__TOC__ ==== ''Corba'' ===== Building via CLI To build Corba via the command-line interface (InfraBuild) perform the below actions: cd ~/sources//jdk8_tl/common/makefiles make clean corba NEWBUILD=true &> jaxpInfrabuild.log <br /> ===== Configurating and building in Eclipse Do the same actions as above for Corba as for Hotspot (See [[EclipseBuildHotspotProject| How to build the Hotspot project in Eclipse]]) and translate names and locations that relate to the Corba project. Build the project via the Project > Build Project option and wait for it to finish. At this point the project should be in a state to be build by either the Internal or the External Builder. <br /> <br /> ===== Build messages: logs - A successful run of the build of the project results in the output of the following log messages: [ corbaInfraBuild.log] <br /> ===== Build output: artefacts The general Corba build artefacts are a tree of files and directories as shown below and can be found at ~/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/corba: btclasses btjars classes dist gensrc lib logwrappers _the.stripped_properties _the.strip_prop.cmdline <br /> ==== Next Step ==== <br /> Back to [[EclipseProjectsForOpenJDK#Corba | How to build the Corba project in Eclipse]]
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