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Last updated May 25, 2013 15:25, by Martijn Verburg
__TOC__ We don't want to overwhelm the OpenJDK committers! So when organising a workshop/hackday we strongly recommend the following process: # Nominate some instructors to lead the group. These should be people who have gone through some instructor training and/or are familiar with the OpenJDK build and patch submission processes. ## Don't have qualified instructors? ### Contact the [ Adopt OpenJDK group] and one will be provided for you. ### Further training will also be provided so that you can grow your own instructors. # Have members join the ''adoptopenjdk'' IRC channel '''' # Follow the process outlined for each particular event with regards to fixes, patch creation and review ## This will include co-ordinating with the OpenJDK project sponsor to get the patches in Back to [[AdoptOpenJDK]]
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