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Last updated March 27, 2014 18:38, by Martijn Verburg

Make Images

NOTE $SOURCE_CODE is where you installed the source code to. If you are using the AdoptOpenJDKVMBuild then this is /home/openjdk/sources If you are using YourOwnEnvironment then it's likely to be something like /home/<your username>/sources

Once all of the packages are installed, execute make images

 cd jdk9;
 make clean images;

'With the new build system, its no long needed to be navigate to the ../common/makefiles folder, you can run make from the root (i.e. $SOURCE_CODE/jdk9). If you like verbose output then you can replace the last line with:

 make clean images LOG=debug

A log file by the name build.log will be created in the $SOURCE_CODE/jdk9/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release folder, the linux-x86_64-normal-server-release folder will differ from system-to-system as it is based on a number the OS, Architecture and type of system you are building.

NOTE: If you are using the AdoptOpenJDKVMBuild then this can take at least 40 minutes to complete.
NOTE: If you are using the YourOwnEnvironment then this is a lot faster, depending on your hardware (~10 minutes on a modern MBP).
NOTE: See make command arguments for build performance optimisation if you want to speed up your build.

NOTE: In case of error messages from the compiler when running the build please look at the Known issues section for solutions to these issues.

Known Issues

None at time of writing

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