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Last updated June 21, 2012 19:10, by kenaiadmin
__TOC__ =Introduction= Develop and use a library class containing utility methods that would be of use to anyone converting shell-script tests to Java code. =Details= Shell tests are bad for any number of reasons, and for the most part, they use a relative small segment of overall shell functionality. So the project is very definitely NOT to write a general purpose shell-replacement library. Instead, the project is to analyse tests, spot the common idioms, and then write utility methods in a shared library class that can be used to convert the shell tests into Java code as easily as possible with as much confidence as possible that the intended functionality of the test is maintained. So, for example, you might expect to see methods like mv, cp, find, etc, although longer more readable names would be OK too. Back to [[Adopt OpenJDK]]
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