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Last updated September 11, 2013 15:55, by Martijn Verburg
__TOC__ =Hosted= See the Downloads section for this project (left hand menu). =JavaOne 2012= * [ Free Java: Introduction to the OpenJDK Project] * [ OpenJDK Penrose Project BOF] * [ OpenJDK: Java SDKs—Testing, Testing, Testing ...] * [ OpenJDK + Open Source Enhancements] * [ OpenJDK Building and Testing: Case Study—Java User Group OpenJDK Bugathon] = Nashorn = * [| Nashorn JVM Monitoring] * [| JVM Performance Monitoring with Nashorn (Brazilian Portugese)] =OpenJDK Testing Tutorials= == Introduction to the OpenJDK tests == [] - Where it all begins == JTREG Tutorial - Part I - Getting started with jtreg == [] - It includes an introduction on using the jtreg harness. It describes the nuts and bolts of a jtreg test case. How to execute a jtreg test case, an example of a test case and a review of the log file produced. Also a demo of the above is included and finally some links to reference materials. == JTREG Tutorial - Part II - jtreg testcase examples == [] - As the name suggests it includes test examples. It also includes a demo on test execution/debugging failures. Finally, it includes links to reference materials. == JTREG Tutorial - Part III - TestNG Testcases with jtreg == [] - This video describes how TestNG test cases are supported by jtreg. The video includes demos to help understand how to write TestNG test case under jtreg. There are links to reference materials. == JTREG Tutorial - Part IV - Contributing to OpenJDK == [] - This video describes how to contribute tests to OpenJDK. It includes recommended practice for tests and information about OpenJDK workspace. There are links to reference materials. == OpenJDK Testing Pitfalls == [] - OpenJDK is a very complex piece of software! =Podcasts= * [ Java Spotlight - Rory O'Donnell on Test Fests] Back to [[AdoptOpenJDK]]
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