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Help Test early builds of Java 8 - in particular compilation of your code and running your tests!

Java 8 standalone

Java 8 and CI

Of course it's much simpler to have your Continuous Integration servers test for you.

Java 8 and Open Source

We're involving all major Java/JVM open source projects! Please add your favourite projects to the matrix below and add in any mailing list / contact details that you're aware of. If you see a project that doesn't have an Adopt OpenJDK volunteer then please go ahead and contact the project and ask how they are getting on with testing Java 8 and whether you can help!

NOTE: The end goal for each project is to be running a regular CI build on Java 8. If they don't have a CI server, then Cloudbees can provide one for them!

Once they've passed their tests on Java 8 then give them the badge! (Larger version is available from the downloads section)

(26 added, 74 remaining to our first goal of 100!)

ProjectOpen Issue(s)?Closed Issue(s)?Testing Status
None / CI / Manual / Unknown
Adopt OpenJDK VolunteerProject Contact Details
ActiveMQ Test failed under Java 8 CI Greg Bakos Forum
Camel camel-spring does not build with Java 8 CI Greg Bakos Mailing List
Glassfish 4.0 Error on startup Unknown
Griffon GRIFFON-642 Manual Andres Almiray Andres Almiray
Groovy GROOVY-6279
Manual Andres Almiray Andres Almiray
gs-collections Java 8 Support Manual Mani Sarkar Contacts on Wiki Communicate via the github issue tracker
Guava-libraries Build error Manual Helio Frota Mailing list
Gudeg7 Prototype phase Manual Yosi Pramajaya Yosi Pramajaya
Hawkshaw Test failed under Java 8 (race condition) CI Martijn Verburg Martijn Verburg
Jackrabbit Test failed under Java 8 Manual Greg Bakos Mailing List
Jacoco ASM5 support
static line nos.
ASM5 fix CI Mailing List
Java-Chronicle Java 8 support Manual Mani Sarkar Mailing list
JBehave See UISpec4j Manual Helio Frota Quick Subscribe using dev team
JSR-353 Javadoc compilation Manual Helio Frota Mailing list
JUnit Manual Mani Sarkar dev team
Maven CI Helio Frota Mailing list
MongoDB Java driver CI Trisha Gee Trisha Gee
All three projects support Java 8 Manual Graham Allan
Mani Sarkar
Mailing list
Play Framework See Scala Manual Helio Frota Mailing List
RESTAPIUnifier Manual Mani Sarkar Neomatrix
Scala build does not support JDK 8 yet Manual Helio Frota Scala Project
TestNG Manual Mani Sarkar Mailing list
UISpec4j UISPEC4J #5 CI Helio Frota Uispec4j
Yougi Java 8 support CI Hildeberto Hildeberto
ZooKeeper CI Greg Bakos Mailing List

Where to get help

We're co-ordinating assistance and success stories on our mailing list, see AdoptOpenJDK for details on signing up.

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