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    File      Plots of v_d Borne

    All plots (throughout the years) of v/d Borne. Location: southeast of Brabant.
    Tags: shape plots
    over 5 years ago 590.5 KB 69
    File      Plots KMWP

    All plots of KMWP, located in Sealand (south of Rotterdam).
    Tags: shape plots kmwp
    over 5 years ago 69.6 KB 73
    File      Greenseeker Wage

    Greenseeker-file from Wage (original Greenseeker-file), located east of Groningen (between Wedde and Blijham).
    Tags: greenseeker sensordata wage
    over 5 years ago 586.7 KB 94
    File      Greenseeker v_d Borne

    Greenseekerfile from v/d Borne, located in south Brabant (southeast of Tilburg) on the border with Belgium.
    Tags: greenseeker sensordata vdborne
    over 5 years ago 412.2 KB 105
    File      Fritzmeijer file

    Positioned near Reusel (on the border of Belgium & Netherlands, southeast of Tilburg)
    Tags: fritzmeijer
    over 5 years ago 123.7 KB 108
    File      Demofiles v_d Borne

    Shapefile with plots, greenseeker sensor and fritzmeijer sensor
    Tags: --
    over 5 years ago 779.6 KB 77
    File      Cropcircle v_d Borne

    Cropcircle file from v/d Borne, located southeast of Tilburg (somewhere).
    Tags: cropcircle
    over 5 years ago 491.4 KB 133
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