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Last updated April 03, 2012 13:06, by Timon Veenstra
Entity URL EDITeelt ISOBUS Dependencies notes
Field FarmID/FieldID Field
ProductionUnit FarmID/ProductionUnitID CropField(s) -> context
CropField FarmID/CropFieldID CropField PartField Field->part of
Task FarmID/TaskID Any other object(s)->context
Vehicle FarmID/VehicleID
Implement FarmID/ImplementID
TreatmentZone FarmID/TreatmentZoneID TreatmentZone TreatmentZone CropField->part of Should perhaps field or cropField be included in the URL?
FieldPlan FarmID/FieldPlanID Any objects valid within the validity period of the fieldplan Same concept as task only automated context based on perios
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