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Aanlaag (eGeo webservice?)

Jira issue

The Aanlaag is a layer that the gouvernment should provide to the farmers by offering a webservice, that contains their basic geographically oriented fields (PIPO percelen). This webservice also enables the farmer to obtain a geographical reference image for his fields. Furthermore it can provide a full fieldregister of a farm. It's also possible to request an optimised field. These functions are documented in a functional design, made for the GEOboer webservice. This service will be replaced bij EL&I.

The functionality wanted for AgroSense:

  • Receiving topographic fields as a reference layer (specs? WMS?, availability? (all year/ 24x7?)
  • Recieving the fieldplan of fields and crops planted last year in a EDI-teelt4 format (download)
  • Checking the fields in AgroSense that they are equal or inside the topographic fields
  • Checking other preconditions for sending of the data to EL&I (specs?)
  • Sending the fieldplan for the current/starting year to EL&I (upload)
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