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  • geoviewer-api - API for adding objects/layers to the map
  • geoviewer-jxmap - jxmap specific implementation of the mapviewer
  • geoviewer-editor - geometry editing
  • geoviewer-wms - support for wms layers

Geo Editing

There are two basic scenario's for editing geographical information in AgroSense. Both are derived from a different workflow process. First is editing of fields on the base layer. Second is editing of partfields (ie the part of the fields a certain crop is growing) In the future other geo-objects will need to be edited as well e.g. management zones.

workflow - Edit base layer of fields

The base layer of fields contain parts of land which the farmer can utilize in some way. They can be the actual property, leased, hired or just swapped with a neighbor for convenience. Editing of field affect the total utilizable area of land for the farmer. There are several scenario's for which it is required to edit the base layer of fields:

  1. A new piece of land is acquired
  2. A road is being expanded at the cost of a strip of a field, field needs to be resized
  3. a ditch is created, splitting a field into two fields
  4. A trimble shapefile for a field is imported but needs to be straightened.


edit fields will enter map modus with toolset:

  • split geometry
  • move splitline
  • move points
  • remove points
  • add points
  • draw new polygon
  • simplify polygon

workflow - Create a fieldplan

Editing of part fields is a yearly recurring piece of work, when a farmer is planning the way he will utilize his land for a growing season.

  1. user: create a fieldplan
  2. system: create partfields for all valid fields with the same geometry
  3. user can either edit the partfields or start planning production units

edit partfields will enter map modus with toolset:

  • split geometry
  • move splitline
  • move points
  • remove points
  • add points
  • draw polygon ( and split based upon this polygon)

workflow - Entering edit map modus

  1. user: drags partfield layer to the map and navigates to the area he wants to edit
  2. user: clicks edit modus
  3. system: open the editor window
  4. system: determine all the geometries in the current map envelope
  5. system: calculate a new envelope with all the entire geometries from previous process
  6. system: create a scene canvas and draw the geometries on the canvas
  7. system: zoom and center to the original area to prevent user disorientation
  8. system: activate toolset

User stories from Google docs

  1. Create a edit-layer for polygons (can be invoked from Field, PartField, Helpline and maybe more)
  2. Change points exact (add/remove points from polygons)
  3. Create/draw plot (from scratch)
  4. Import points / lines (create helplines)
  5. Edit shape sloppy (drag/drop points)
  6. Split shapes
  7. Check shapes for overlap
  8. Calculate Partfields with mathematical rules
  9. Edit cultivations (edit the lines of a Production unit)
  10. Split production unit (also Farm functionality)
  11. Time slider for geoviewer

Resume of dicussion 10-04-2012

New window with edit functions

  1. Create new cropfield -> choose edit -> open edit popup (with current map as envelope)
  2. Existing object -> choose edit -> zoom map to envelope -> open edit popup (with current map as envelope)
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