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Last updated February 16, 2012 15:19, by verhaget
= Geoviewer = == Functionality == The geoviewer is the map, including the layerlist. The viewer allows users to show geographically oriented data on a map. The map has some common functions, similar to Google Maps. Scrolling, moving and panning is enabled. The big difference with Google Maps is that there's no such thing as streetview, and that the map pans with the center as centerpoint. It doesn't use the mousecursor as centerpoint. The layerlist shows all the elements that are currently on the map, and allows the user to edit some properties (like transparency, visibility). The map uses Openstreetmap as a background, so the elements on the map actually have a recognisable location. == Improvements == The following improvements are thought of (at this moment): # Drag and drop layers (change the order of layers) # Make layerlist multi-level (e.g. Show a fieldplan as a layer, and show production units as sublayers of the fieldplan) # Show/hide layerlist (to obtain maximum map-visibility) # ...
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