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Last updated August 10, 2011 13:32, by Timon Veenstra
=AgroSense release 1.0.9= ==What's new== ===Look and Feel=== Look and feel was the major focus for this release. We have implemented a brand new and consistent icon set. All explorers have been updated and all nodes now have an apropriate icon. [[image: AgroSense_1_0_9_explorer_fieldplan.png]] ===New menu structure=== We have implemented a ribbon style menu strucure with the use of the flamengo, trident libraries. Our implementation is mainly based on the [ this netbeans platform tutorial]. Since we use maven as buildtool we needed to make a few changes. Sources of our implementation are available [ here]. [[image: AgroSense_1_0_9_menu_window.png]] ===helplines=== Beside fields it is now possible to import an esri shapefile with helplines. These lines can for example be created by a farmer who wants to split a field in two parts to grow two different products on that field. He can hire a quad with a trimble gps device and drvie a straight line where he wants to split the field. He now can import the line into AgroSense to use it later on to split a field. [[image: AgroSense_1_0_9_helplines.png]] ===Fritzmeier=== A new type of sensor is supported: the Fritzmeier. This makes it possible to import the fritzmeier cvs files and show the results on the map. It is also possible to link fritzmeier data to fields and cut out the invalid data (roads etc). [[image: fritzmeier.jpg]] ===minor changes=== * Layers in the layerlist now have an icon which turns grey if the layer is not visible. * It is now possible to remove a field. * only valid fields are shown in the fieldlist (historic fields are filtered out) ==Libraries== To be able to imeplement the AgroSense ribbon bar, we needed the org.pushingpixels flamengo and trident libraries. We have created and published the new lib-flamengo netbeans library wrapper. More detail about it [ here]. The origional libraries (flamengo-5.0.jar and trident-1.3jar) are uploaded to maven central, which makes manual installation no longer needed. ==How to get the new version== The new version is available for download here: Users of cloudfarming > 1.0.4 will receive notice of the update on application start. Just start the update process to receive the new modules. Cloudfarming 1.0.4 and lower still contains a erroneous "hot" update center which will block the update with a proxy error. The "hot" updatecenter can be disabled at tools->plugins->settings. They can ofcouse also download the new version at the mentioned location. ==Support== We have set up a forum for support: Feel free to ask for any questions or help requests about AgroSense. Questions can also be posted at a mailinglist: A list with know issues can be found here: ==Release notes== <h3> Bug </h3> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-210</a>] - Importing shapefiles IllegalStateException </li> </ul> <h3> Improvement </h3> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-215</a>] - AgroSense iconset upgrade </li> </ul> <h3> New Feature </h3> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-184</a>] - Import shapefile with lines (and points) </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-185</a>] - Spike: look and feel </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-187</a>] - Remove field </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-188</a>] - CLM code to HG </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-192</a>] - Junit fixen </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-212</a>] - Fritzmeijer </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-214</a>] - Icon in layerlist depending on visibility state </li> </ul> <h3> Task </h3> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-203</a>] - Junit fix </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-206</a>] - Upgrade to geotools 2.7.2 </li> </ul> <h3> Sub-task </h3> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-193</a>] - update query temporaal </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-194</a>] - Check for partfield </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-195</a>] - Remove field simple </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-196</a>] - Permission CLM </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-197</a>] - Create HG repo and fill it. </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-198</a>] - Mark as line </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-199</a>] - Create table </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-200</a>] - Show as node in field explorer </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-201</a>] - Drag lines to map </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-209</a>] - Library wrapper for flamengo and trident </li> <li>[<a href=''>AGROSENSE-211</a>] - agrosense ribbon implementation </li> </ul>
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