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summary: updated version in beta branch to 12.10-beta
revision: 2601
author: Timon Veenstra
date: 2012-10-15 15:27:08 UTC (4 years)
message: updated version in beta branch to 12.10-beta
Change Path Actions
M application/pom.xml
M branding/pom.xml
M crop/model/pom.xml
M crop/persistence-serialization/pom.xml
M crop/pom.xml
M farm/model/pom.xml
M farm/pom.xml
M farm/productionunit/pom.xml
M farm/project/pom.xml
M field/model/pom.xml
M field/pom.xml
M field/shape-type/pom.xml
M field/type/pom.xml
M fleet/gpssimulator/pom.xml
M fleet/gpstrackerexample/pom.xml
M fleet/implement/pom.xml
M fleet/machine/pom.xml
M fleet/mock-vehicle-data-service/pom.xml
M fleet/model/pom.xml
M fleet/pom.xml
M fleet/project/pom.xml
M fleet/vehicle/pom.xml
M geoviewer/api/pom.xml
M geoviewer/editor/pom.xml
M geoviewer/jxmap/pom.xml
M geoviewer/pom.xml
M geoviewer/render/pom.xml
M imp/pom.xml
M isobus/model/pom.xml
M isobus/pom.xml
M isobus/tree/pom.xml
M isobus/type/pom.xml
M logging/pom.xml
M menu/pom.xml
M model/pom.xml
M sensor/api/pom.xml
M sensor/fritzmeier/pom.xml
M sensor/model/pom.xml
M sensor/pom.xml
M sensor/sensor-cropcircle/pom.xml
M sensor/sensor-greenseeker/pom.xml
M stock/api/pom.xml
M stock/crop-provider-clm/pom.xml
M stock/crop/pom.xml
M stock/pom.xml
M task/core/pom.xml
M task/field/pom.xml
M task/pom.xml
M task/shape/pom.xml
M task/spray/pom.xml
M uc-core/pom.xml
M util-swing/pom.xml
M util/pom.xml
M welcome/pom.xml
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