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AkmeCore Project Members

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(Member Since 2012)
Observer ADEN, AkmeCore, Glassfish Project, Java API for WebSocket, Java EE Tutorial, Java Transaction API, Java library for interval computations, Servlet Implementation, ThreadLogic
ruel balabis
(Member Since 2016)
Observer A Java 1.5 Parser with AST generator, Adopt OpenJDK, AkmeCore, Appframework, Glassfish Project, Grizzly, Java Users Groups (JUG) Community, about java
(Member Since 2011)
Administrator AkmeCore, akmemobile
(Member Since 2013)
Observer ADF Samples, Adempiereaddon, Adopt JSR Transparency 350, Adopt JSR Transparency 352, AkmeCore, Alpes Java User Group, Anderstool, Audiveris, Baikal JUG, BlueOxygen Gandharva, BlueOxygen Turtle Desk, Dkjug, Docweb, Games-archive, Geo-based mapping tools, Gosie, HUJAK, Hudson CI Infrastructure, J3dfly, JavApi, Java SE Embedded, Java User Group - Vadodara, Java-enterprise, Javalive, Jfm, Jnadmintool*INACTIVE PROJECT*, Jsr264-public, Koalalayout, Library for generating Java source code, Marge, Maven repository for, Message-Api, MetaWareJ, Migration Test Project 2, Mpp20081, Nbproject, Ol4jsf, Open Message Queue (Open MQ), Proctor, Rococoa, Sc-android, Scenegraph-demos, Sip-for-me, Spot-eproto, Streaming API for XML Specification, Thinnb, Thinui, Translate, Trellis, TrueVFS, Wadi, XML Schema Object Model, Yanfs, Zipsync, fuji, jugowl general file administration tool, {OpenGrok
(Member Since 2013)
Observer AkmeCore, Bpcatalog - *INACTIVE PROJECT*, Crashbots3d, Custom LOgger for Glassfish (CLOG), English-Like DSL for Swing & Web Tests, Gabrielus, Hotwork, Imixs Workflow, J3d-core, Java State Management, Jsr130-public, Jsr198, Jsr284-ri-tck, Jxta-jxse, Mdiframework, Metro - Webservice toolkit, Opends, Ossj-apis, Project-darkchat, QualitySpy, Ricoh-ballsnlines, Smartfoogoo, Spot-breadboard, TrueLicense, Ulcxml, VOIP, WebDAV Interoperability Filter, kjdb (Debugger), typed XML writer
(Member Since 2013)
Observer A collection of applications and val ..., AkmeCore, Deployment, Eventbus, Graphviz-api, Hawkoholic, Infinity-metrics, Jpp, Jsr-283, Jugpetro, Oracle Bedrock, Oracle Parcel Service Example App, Spotmotion, builder of the blueprint for program
Chris Dent
(Member Since 2015)
Observer 3D images and rendering, 3D infrastructure, A "Lebanon Java User group", A Java 1.5 Parser with AST generator, A Java SAX adapter for SAC CSS2 parsers, A Java implementation of WS-Management, A Pluggable Web Portal for ESB Manag ..., A Smarter FXML Alternative, A Visual LL(k) Parser Generator, A collection of applications and val ..., A collection of tools for JAXB, A next generation enterprise 2.0 por ..., A next-generation portal framework, A sample application for project jMaki, A set of extensions for JavaServer(t ..., A simple Shoutcast player applet, A social networking system., A system for social news, bookmarkin ..., A tool for analyzing and manipulatin ..., A tools that helps documenting facel ..., A way display and jMaki widgets and ..., A-jar-stdio-terminal, ADEN, ADF EMG, ADF EMG Audit Rules, ADF Samples, ADF Samples, ADF Task Flow Tester, ADF XML DataControl, Abaporu, Abeille, Abidjan Java User Group, AccelUtils, AccessJiver, Accessible Rescue CD, Actions, Active Objects, Activitymgr, Adamtaglet, Adempiereaddon, Adopt JSR Transparency 107, Adopt JSR Transparency 172, Adopt JSR Transparency 236, Adopt JSR Transparency 302, Adopt JSR Transparency 308, Adopt JSR Transparency 310, Adopt JSR Transparency 333, Adopt JSR Transparency 335, Adopt JSR Transparency 337, Adopt JSR Transparency 338, Adopt JSR Transparency 339, Adopt JSR Transparency 340, Adopt JSR Transparency 341, Adopt JSR Transparency 342, Adopt JSR Transparency 343, Adopt JSR Transparency 344, Adopt JSR Transparency 345, Adopt JSR Transparency 346, Adopt JSR Transparency 347, Adopt JSR Transparency 349, Adopt JSR Transparency 350, Adopt JSR Transparency 351, Adopt JSR Transparency 352, Adopt JSR Transparency 353, Adopt JSR Transparency 354, Adopt JSR Transparency 355, Adopt JSR Transparency 356, Adopt JSR Transparency 358, Adopt JSR Transparency 359, Adopt JSR Transparency 360, Adopt JSR Transparency 361, Adopt OpenJDK, Adopt a JSR, Adventurebuilder *INACTIVE PROJECT*, Aerith, Agentsmith, Agilealm, AgroSense: Modular Farm Manager, Aieon-f, Aircarrier, Airstore, Ajax jMaki JavaScript, Ajax4jsf, Ajaxnetbeans, Ajaxterm4j, AkmeCore, Animation, Ant Simple Sample, AppFuse, Ascetic, Avatars, DWR, Designview, Dishevelled, Eclipse-portalpack, Egjug, Filemgmt, Frameworks, Gazelle, GlassFish Plugins for IDEs, Glassfish Project, Gmvc, Greenville Java Users Group (GreenJUG), Grizzly, HK2, Hackergartens, Hdcookbook, Hudson CI, Impjug, Interessenverbund der Java User Groups, JASPIC Specification, JSR-196, JSR 348 (, Jade, Java Batch, Java EE Platform Specification, Java Users Groups (JUG) Community, JavaMail API Reference Implementation, JavaServer Faces Sources 2.x, Javatools, Jawr, Jdic, Jdigraph, Jeaprs, Jitsi, Jnitl, Joal-demos, Jsip, Jtouchtoolkit, Jxta-guide, Jxta-soap, Koalalayout, London Java Community (London JUG), MapperJ, Marge, Maven2-repository, Maxine VM, Metro - Webservice toolkit, Mirage, Mock-javamail, Mojarra Scales JSF Component Library, Nb-dreamteam, NetBeans API Samples, Nxtsquawk, One stop shop for GlassFish in Educa ..., Oracle's Implementation for JavaS ..., Pakistan Java User Group, Phobos, Phoneme, Renaissance, Rome, Rss4tv, Scalableicons, Sgs-c-client, Soujava, Sptrwt, Substance, Sumo Robots, Sun Multi-Schema Validator, Swarm-of-brian, Swinglabs, Techdayscode, The SPNEGO Glassfish Plugin enables ..., Thinnb, Tilepile, Toursjug, VisualVM, Web Services Interoperability Technology, XML Stream Buffer, a REST based data services for data ..., about, akmemobile, m3x, xanadu-parser-vanguard java, c++, coding, programming, computers, android, games, sports, photography, soa, if, swing, technology, eclipse, performance, jsf, architecture, clojure, is, html, application, all, mysql, mobile, netbeans, css, j2se, j2ee, development, opensource, reading, jee, spring, oracle, rest, music, maven, movies, the, security, design, jvm, and, agile, jsp, cloud, groovy, database, jquery, not, php, picking, ajax, service, web, scala, sql, javafx, j2me, internet, html5, linux, in, able, xml, guitar
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