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Last updated October 08, 2011 11:58, by Anders
='''Anderstool - Message monitor for ActiveMQ/TIBCO JMS,TIBCO RV, HTTP''' [ [[image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]]] [[image: greenshot_2010-05-27_21-39-02__640x526_.jpg]] How to get it up and running ==Prerequisites *Java 1.6.0_22 *Apache-tomcat-6.0.29. *Firefox/Google Chrome *TIBCO EMS 5.x, TIBCO RV 8.x '''OR''' ActiveMQ 5.x. ==Installation *[ Download ] AndersTool and save it to the tomcat webapps folder *Start and stop tomcat to deploy AndersTool *TIBCO: copy the needed tibco jars from ..\ems\5.0\lib (and if you also use rv ..\tibrv\8.1\lib) to..\webapps\AndersTool-0.8\WEB-INF\lib EMS tibjms.jar tibjmsadmin.jar tibrvjms.jar RV tibrvj.jar tibrvjsd.jar tibrvjweb.jar tibrvnative.jar tibrvnativesd.jar rvconfig.jar tibrvj.jar tibrvjsd.jar tibrvnative.jar *ActiveMQ, no need to copy any files. *Start tomcat *Login to AndersTool, [http://http://localhost:8080/AndersTool-0.8] (default user name/password EX1/EX1) ==Configuration AndersTool is configured with ..\webapps\AndersTool-0.8\config\AndersTool.xml
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