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blueBill Server Project Members

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(Member Since 2013)
Observer A collection of tools for JAXB, Adopt JSR Transparency 310, Adopt JSR Transparency 338, Android, Aptlet, Aptserver, Ascetic, Beansbinding, BlueOxygen Brigade, BrasilJUGs, Congojug, DBTester, Diy, Eclipse-portalpack, Fractrace, Games-core, Games-demos, GlassFish Update Center Toolkit, Groovy-rfid, Healthcare, Imageio-ext, Iswe, JAXB 2.0 annotation parsing library, JDK Immutability, JSR 236 Specification, JSR-310, JUG Münster, JUG-Ahmedabad, Jabble, Java-sdr, Jban, Jdbc-dbquery, Jet, Jwriter, Laf-widget, Leafcutter, Loginhibitor, Makefaces, Microbus, Multilib2008-india, NetBeans API Samples, NetBeans Plugin for Wicket, NormandyJUG, Open Language Tools, Oracle BPM Suite 11g, Pdfvole, Pittjug, Playsim, Powchat, Quickcheck, RELAX NG Object Model / Parser, Relational persistence for JAXB objects, Scatternet, Soimp, Streaming API for XML Specification, Textile-j, Textinspection, The Coherence Incubator, This is a project for designing Metr ..., ThreadLogic, Thucydides, Translate NetBeans platform in realtime, TrueLicense, Ulcjdicintegration, Wonderland, Zfs, blueBill Server, eFX - JavaFX RCP, jsrs, moBuy - Java mobile application
(Member Since 2011)
Software Developer blueBill Mobile, blueBill Server, bluebill - open source birding
Fabrizio Giudici
(Member Since 2011)
Administrator Aerith, Bloggers, Databinding, Exercises of Design, Fuse, Hudson CI, Imageio, Imageio-ext, Imagine, Imaging, Ixent, JSR-310, Jai-imageio, Jai-webstart, Jban, Jdk-distros, Jgallery, Jini, Jrawio, Jugmilano, Logger *INACTIVE PROJECT*, Marge, Nb-dreamteam, Netbeans maven library wrappers, Quaqua Look and Feel, Quitehyper, SQE - Software Quality Environment, SolidBlue, Sommer, Sorcerer, Springmodules, Startnow, Substance, SwingX, Swingexplorer, Swingunit, Swingx-ws, Timing Framework, Whatsitdo, Xhtmlrenderer, blueBill Mobile, blueBill Server, bluebill - open source birding, bluebook, bluemarine, bluemoon, blueocean, forceten, mFX - JavaFX RCP, mistral, openbluesky, pleiades, windrose
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