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Last updated January 15, 2012 13:51, by Ralph

BPMN Modeler wiki

The BPMN Modeler is an Eclipse based business process diagram editor for business analysts. The BPMN modeler was founded in 2006 by Intalio, Inc. It was developed as a component of the SOA Tools Platform and evolved as a subproject in 2008. The project support through the eclipse community ended 2011. This project site provides a place to provide the results of the project and continue the work.


The BPMN Modeler is based on an EMF object model bound to a graphical notation via the GMF project.

he BPMN Modeler uses a light and flexible object model. It strives to achieve the look and feel of the BPMN visual notation rather than force a schema that fully describes a specification. The simplicity of the object model minimizes the impact when the specifications evolves. It also keeps the size of the generated code maintainable.

Possible usage and extensions of the modeler.

  • Create BPMN diagrams to document process orchestration or workflows.
  • Generate org.eclipse.stp.bpmn EMF objects. Traverse, annotate, transform to generate BPEL or other object models.
  • Extend the editor to support drag & drop and other application specific usage.
  • Implement a particular version of the BPMN specification: add the properties, validation services, generation algorithms
  • Create another domain model and map it to the notation provided here.

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