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Last updated October 28, 2013 08:46, by lv songping

Adopt a JSR Program

This program is intended to encourage members of the NanjingJUG to get involved in a JSR and to evangelise that JSR to the wider NanjingJUG community in order to increase grass roots participation.

Global Adopt a JSR Program

This is part of the global JUG - Adopt a JSR program.

What's in it for me?

Well, plenty! Here's a post from Barry as to why this is good for your career as well.

How to get Started

  1. Optional - Join the JCP as an individual member. This is optional, because the openness and transparency rules that make up JSR-348 have been applied to most JSRs now. However, you need to do this in order to contribute any concrete work + you get voting rights and other benefits with this membership.
    1. Mandatory - Sign the JSPA - This is a required step as part of joining as any of your contributions that might contain Intellectual Property (IP), needs permission in order to go into the JSR (e.g. The API design for a couple of methods that you wrote for your company).
    2. Optional - If the JSR you are intending to contribute to involves the OpenJDK (i.e. Java the language and/or the JVM), then you need to follow these steps.
    3. Optional - Associate yourself with the NanjingJUG .
  2. Join and make sure you add the NanjingJUG JUG project to your list of projects.
  3. In general, explore the JCP website to get a feel for the process.
  4. Have a read of The new JCP 2.8 Process for JSRs.
  5. Sign-up to the Executive Committee (EC) alias here.
  6. Join the local group within the NanjingJUG for each JSR that you are interested in.
    1. If one doesn't exist then create one!
  7. Read through the Short and Full presentations (and/or SouJava's presentation as well)
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