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Last updated October 28, 2013 09:25, by codeprince
= Nanjing Java Communit(ChinaNanjingJUG) Wiki = == Important Links == * [[Our Speakers]] - A List of prominent as well as up and coming NanjingJUG speakers * [[Aggrity]] - An aggregation of the many technical blogs from our members == Java Community Process (JCP) == The NanjingJUG is proud of contributing to the Glassfish project for two years and have two committers until now. Yong Tang ([ @Yong Tang]) is our representative, any questions or comments you have about our activities please send his way(! If Yong is unavailable you can contact Jie Wu ([ @Jie Wu]) or Jeremy Lv ([ @Jeremy Lv]). We have the following programs that we've launched for direct action in the Java ecosystem! * [[Adopt a JSR Program]] * [[Adopt OpenJDK Program]] * [[Adopt GLASSFISH Program]]
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