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Open-Source Project


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Administrative these...

  1. How to install and run a FULL Windows XP from a USB drive

Programming example

  1. Java
  2. Java in Eclipse IDE
  3. JavaScript
  4. Cpp
  5. Fortran
  6. Android
  7. Atomic Simulation Environment in Hotbit
  8. Latex
  9. Example programming on IBM Mainframe, MVS, OS390, zOS, System z, AS/400, iSeries, midrange System i

Computational Resources at USM via Collaboration Research

  1. Physic School Computational Cluster Server comsics anicca
  2. Biology & Chemistry School Computational Cluster Server eagle
  3. Math School Computational Cluster Server tuna
  4. Virtual Machine Resources at HIRG


  1. Your USM student's Win7
  2. DaAiTV
  3. RSS

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