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Open Source project

Year 2013 Year 2011 Year 2009
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Choo Jun Tan and Wei Jer Lim and Siew Chin Neoh and Chee Peng Lim and Kian Meng Tey, Cmizer: Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Circuit Optimizer, 2013, software available at Choo Jun Tan and Chee Peng Lim, USM Extract: A Sustainable Soft-Computing Platform, 2011, software available at Choo Jun Tan, Wai Heng Ang, Siau Mei Chan, and Huah Yong Chan, Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG), 2009, software available at

Grant and Fund

No. Project Title Role Source Duration Allocation
1. An effective Knowledge Map approach for production scheduling in a Lean manufacturing environment Co-researcher in a collaboration works of Motorola Solutions - University of Science Malaysia (USM) - Wawasan Open University (WOU) Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST), i.e., a non-profit company created by the industry, government and academia to drive the initiative to accelerate Malaysia’s electrical and electronics sector. 2015-10-01 to 2018-10-30 RM 101,578.95
2. A Soft Computing Modeling for Clustering Problem Co-researcher Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI) of Wawasan Open University (WOU) 2015-07-01 to 2017-02-01 RM 30,000

Useful links

Top Journals and Conferences:

in Evolutionary Computing

in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Administrative these...

  1. RocksCluster
  2. Gaussian 03
  3. Video/Audio Conversion
  4. GridComputing
  5. UbuntuCluster
  6. Linux
    1. Install Adobe Air in Ubuntu 14.04
    2. Linux in SSD Drive
  7. Tomcat
  8. MySQL
  9. VMware
  10. OpenSolaris
  11. DLink Network Storage
  12. How to install and run a FULL Windows XP from a USB drive

Programming example

  1. Java
  2. Java in Eclipse IDE
  3. JavaScript
  4. Cpp
  5. Fortran
  6. Android
  7. Atomic Simulation Environment in Hotbit
  8. Latex
  9. Example programming on IBM Mainframe, MVS, OS390, zOS, System z, AS/400, iSeries, midrange System i

Computational Resources at USM via Collaboration Research

  1. Physic School Computational Cluster Server comsics anicca
  2. Biology & Chemistry School Computational Cluster Server eagle
  3. Math School Computational Cluster Server tuna
  4. Virtual Machine Resources at HIRG


  1. Your USM student's Win7
  2. DaAiTV
  3. RSS

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