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Last updated February 04, 2011 23:15, by stevenb

Custom LOgger for Glassfish (CLOG)

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Version 1


The GIT repo now contains:

  • clog.v1.logging
  • clog.v1.demoWebsite


This version provides a simple class that logs each logger to a separate file. This release is intended as a starting point, with the following still to be addressed in future versions:

  • you must use the same logger name in classes that should go to the same file. It's a start but it means that each class can't have it's own logger ....
  • log files are also hard coded to be generated to /var/glassfish/log/ (c:\glassfish\log\ on windows). This should be configurable per file
  • It would be better if the class could be threaded, with separate memory buffer and disk writer threads. AFAIK you have to go with a HK2 module to achieve this with Glassfish (although I did set up a MemoryHandler which was flushed to disk by an EJB @Scheduled task every second ... it worked ... but it seemed to be a kludge rather then a 'proper' solution ! ).
  • The formatter is built right into the handler. This should be separate.
  • You can't do any configuration (other then a blanket log level for each file) from the file.

Stand by for release V2.

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